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Transition to LambPlan Evaluation   

Australia’s LambPlan is on the forefront of sheep genetic analysis. LambPlan is an international player with collaborative ventures in South America and Europe. Through the help of Paul Rodgers at ASI, NSIP began negotiations and found a willing partner in LambPlan. First, NSIP would not fold into LambPlan. It would remain a recognizable U.S. entity. Second, the ability to communicate consistently and compete fairly on an international level about U.S. sheep genetics and industry products became apparent.

The relationship between NSIP and LambPlan is as follows; NSIP producers send data and LambPlan uses their computers to generate our genetic analysis. NSIP collects money from member growers and compensates LambPlan fairly. LambPlan will only provide genetic analysis, and U.S. based NSIP is still responsible for producer education and further genetic trait development specifically needed for the U.S. sheep industry. LambPlan and NSIP will be working together on research and development of genetic traits. NSIP will be funding this genetic research and education through producer fees, collaboration with research scientists and collaborative funding.



National Sheep Improvement Program 

This report is to serve as a conclusion to the grant that was approved by the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center.  In this report, we have outlined the projects that were proposed to be completed in the grant and the accomplishments that have been completed by the organization related to those proposed projects. 

Outcomes related NSIIC funded activities:

Transfer NSIP data to LambPlan databases and improve LambPlan EBVs for US producers

·         Accomplished –  Dave Notter has been hired to solved US specific genetic predictor problems.    Additionally, we have contracted his labor for 2013/2014. 

Adapt software to US specifications

·         Accomplished – The final transition to LambPlan was completed in 2013.

Travel for Australian genetic consultant to meet with US producers

·         Accomplished –  Sam Gil traveled to the US to meet with NSIP personnel and spoke at the Montana Ram Sale and Katahdin Hair Sheep National Show.   

Educational efforts to train the trainers

·         This effort was accomplish in part by Dave Notter and Sam Gil’s educational efforts.  

We thank NSIIC for supporting our organization and feel strongly that the sheep industry has benefitted and will continue to benefit from the funding from your organization.


 Reid Redden

NSIP Chairman                                          View accomplishments as of 6-30-2013