A Grass Roots Approach to Achieving Sustainability in the Sheep Industry 


This proposal will provide funds of $1000 in scholarships to 30 sheep and goat producers to attend the Ranching For Profit School.
The Ranching for Profit School and Executive Link provide training and support for ranchers transform their ranches into sustainable businesses.  Knowing how to raise sheep is a completely different proposition than knowing how to build and operate a business that raises sheep. Many ranchers grew up learning how to put up hay, build fence and dock lambs, but very few were ever trained in economics, finance, organizational structure or business strategy and tactics. Without these skills a ranch cannot become a sustainable business.

NSIIC Grant Project Performance Report

Performance Relative to Objectives

The objective of the project is to encourage sheep and goat producers to attend the Ranching For Profit School by providing $1,000 scholarships. By attending the school producers gain the insights and tools needed to build sustainable businesses.

NSIIC made thirty $1,000 scholarships available to sheep and goat producers attending the Ranching For Profit School before December 31, 2012. To date 15 scholarships have been awarded.

Comments from Grant Recipients:

"The Ranching for Profit School broke down our business into simple formulas where we can determine our strengths & weaknesses, as compared to the top ranches in the country. Furthermore, we received the tools to aid our communication, track our progress and chart our course."

"I truly wonít know the value of the school until we implement learned techniques. There is no question that the school provides students with a lot to ponder. No doubt, a ton of great principles. But like any education, if not applied or not applied correctly, itís worthless."

"Working in your business is easy because you know how to do it. Working on your business is hard because you donít even know where to start. RFP gives you a framework to start working on your business and then start making meaningful changes."

'This school put purpose to my passion for the livestock business. It gave me a vehicle to achieve some of my dreams and goals. Let me re-phase, it gave me a way to find a vehicle."

"I am in college getting a degree in AG business. I have learned more in this week than four years of college. His teaching styles will fit anyoneís learning styles."

"That we should look at our business and make it work for us, and to do the 100.00 an hour jobs and get someone to do the $10.00 jobs."

"The value of the information presented in Ranching for Profit is invaluable. The concepts applied will change everything. I will be back through the school again to review. The tools provided in the class enable positive change and the support provided is indispensable."

"I love how ranching for profit takes every scenario and gives a solution, whether your cows need nutrition attention or you are having some family problems. It addresses a huge variety of situations and forces you to think about it in a different way. Ranching for profit pertains not only to ranching but every aspect of life."