American Goat Federation



Educational Program at National Goat Conference

In support of the American Goat Federationís objectives and to provide education and leadership training to goat producers and packers, as well as a forum for information exchange, AGF proposes presenting an educational program to goat producers at the National Goat Conference in 2012. The educational program will inform and educate producers about important industry issues. Keeping abreast of these issues is key for goat producers to maintain, strengthen and improve long‐term, profitable and sound production operations.

The goat industry is one of the fastest growing segments of U.S. agriculture, representing a variety of growth opportunities for all segments of the goat industry. This educational program proposed by AGF would provide important information to further that growth and to maintain, strengthen and improve long‐term, profitable and sound production operations.


Because of the importance of Education and the need for exposure, The American Goat Federation Board  decided that the NSIIC Grant funds would be used equally among the American Goat Expo, the National Goat Conference  and the West Coast Conferences.  The National Goat Expo was held in the fall of 2012, the National Goat conference will be held September 15-18, 2013 in Greensboro, NC. and the West Coast Conferences such as the Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Conference in February 2013.   The AGF participated in the National Goat Expo and  supported speakers for the event by spending $1500 plus of the grant funds.  A display table was rented and a wall banner was utalized - that was created with Grant Funds as well as a person was on hand to man the booth and answer questions about the Federation.  In preparation for the event the AGF Board prepared a computer slide show about the activities of the organization and had a newly prepared brochure available.  Our presence was very much in the forefront throughout the Expo.  The registration packets  contained a brochure and an explanation the Goat Federation.  Over 3000 people attended. 

The AGF is particularly happy that the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center is supporting these efforts and more complete details will be forthcoming as the events occur.