TITLE  2013 Tri-Lamb Meeting in Australia

Richard Kosesan, NLFA Administrator will serve as coordinator for the
purposes of this grant to help fund the U.S. Tri-Lamb delegation

National Lamb Feeders Association


One of the eligible grant purposes identified by the NSIIC is to provide matching funds to projects where the primary purpose is to enhance the production or marketing ofsheep or goat products. The international Tri-Lamb Group is interested in promotion and consumer education, with the primary goal to strengthen the demand for lamb in the u.s. through collaborative projects, such as the Lean on Lamb public relations program and web site. The web site was a major accomplishment of the Tri-Lamb Group over the previous three years and the actual program represents a combined commitment of $1 million from the three country partners.

The Tri-Lamb Group met in the u.s. for the 2012 meeting and signed another three-year
Memorandum of Understanding between the partnering countries and the representative organizations. (copy attached) Among the agreed on goals for 2012-2013, the Tri-Lamb Group supported continuing the program "Making Lamb Famous in the U.S." and the sharing of information on promotional campaigns in the U.S. markets. Other mutual interests of the Tri-Lamb Group include genomics research, animal health, trade and market access, livestock identification, plus animal health and welfare.

Continued involvement in the Tri-Lamb Group is important to the future of the U.s. sheep and goat industries. All efforts to enhance the consumption of lamb in the u.s. directly benefit domestic producers and coordinating these activities with the effot'ts of the American Lamb Board maximizes the effectiveness of the programs funded by ALB.

The American sheep industry is working on building flock numbers and increasing the ability of the domestic industry to put more product in the meat case. The collaborative efforts of the Tri-Lamb Group are beneficial, especially with promotional projects aimed at increasing per capita lamb consumption in the U.S. Ultimately, as the sheep industry grows, the goal is for domestic producers to be capable of meeting a larger percentage of the increased demand.

The efforts of the Tri-Lamb Group are compatible with the goals of the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center. Providing assistance to help each of the participating U.S. organizations maintain their involvement in the Tri-Lamb Group should be considered a worthwhile investment of NSIIC funds.

National Lamb Feeders Association
American Sheep Industry Association
American Lamb Board