As it has for decades, the US Sheep Industry continues to face substantial challenges from

declining sheep numbers, loss of infrastructure, extreme price volatility, quality issues and

declining demand. The goal of this project is to determine the primary causes for the decline in

demand for American Lamb over the past 30 years and to develop and implement a strategy to

increase demand for American Lamb by 20% in 5 years (by 2018). As our sheep industry’s goal

is to grow the lamb supply, an increase in demand will be crucial to keep every segment of our

lamb industry profitable.

This project is designed to evaluate and assess the US lamb industry, identify opportunities to

reverse the decline in demand for American Lamb, and ensure that our domestic lamb industry

is competitive with imports and is viable and profitable in the future. The assessment would

look at all aspects of the US Sheep Industry and would provide strategic guidelines, actionable

tactics and implementation initiatives for short and long term industry changes.

These strategies, tactics and initiatives would be reported and discussed during an industry

wide summit or regional industry summits. The subsequent final report and recommendations

will also be disseminated through published reports, industry publications and websites and

seminars and meetings.

ALB will work with the industry to begin to implement the strategic recommendations and

identify additional work that is needed to follow up on the outcomes of the study beyond June

2014. ALB will measure the progress of the project over a five year period.

A committee representing various stakeholders (industry sectors and organizations) will be

meeting on September 6, 2012 to discuss and establish the goals and scope of this project in

more detail.