Extraordinary Living – We will engage in a multi-media effort to promote the distinctive,

extraordinary and little-known attributes of American Lamb. Through “opt-in” digital and

social media, we can begin to drive increased interest and sales. MSR will identify up to

3 retailers to co-partner with on semi-customized promotions utilizing the creative and

themes of the digital and social media. The program will geo-target foodie consumers,

inspiring and engaging them by providing compelling reasons to prepare lamb.

Program elements include: digital advertising, social media, and local news bureau

aspects. A paid and unpaid placement mix will expand reach and use of budget. The

digital campaign will consist of creative content for digital media; targeting people who

care about the quality of their food and are passionate about getting and sharing great

food ideas. In addition, it will involve Text/Google Ads – that utilize key words to draw

people to the campaign. The social media campaign will include Facebook

applications – providing cooking tips, recipes, testimonials and a contest or giveaway

enticement for lamb supporters. Plus, we’ll leverage assets from our media and retail

partners to further create “buzz” among consumers, bloggers and media, as well as

MSR and potentially retail consumer communications vehicles which will generate

contest/giveaway interest. Furthermore, we’ll package news worthy information,

including a recipe, along with photos and tips and distribute via an electronic news

release, supplemented with a social media component. Efforts will leverage special

occasions/trends to help consumers see lamb in a new, very appealing light, while also

supporting the industry’s initiative to impact and improve demand for lamb with


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