The purpose of this proposal is to facilitate the efforts of the American Lamb industry to successfully execute the Lamb Industry Strategic Roadmap developed by a collaborative effort of the industry during 2013.
One of the major concerns expressed by many industry participants throughout the development of the Strategic Roadmap has been, “How can we be sure that the industry will execute the recommendations included in the Roadmap?” This proposal addresses a process to assist the industry with the execution of the Industry Roadmap.
The Industry Roadmap calls for the formation of a Roadmap Implementation Team (sometimes called “the Implementation Team” or simply “the Team”) to guide the execution of the Industry Roadmap. The Team will have members representing all sectors of the industry.

Because of the industry’s rather dubious track record in implementing recommendations from prior industry studies, the Industry Roadmap advisory committee recommends that Bob Ludwig, The Hale Group (THG), should stay on in 2014 to drive the implementation process the first year. Bob Ludwig would serve as the Chair of the Implementation Team in 2014 to help keep the Team on task and hold them accountable for the programs and goals they are responsible for.


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