National Lamb Feeders Association

Howard Wyman Sheep Leadership School with
Ohio State University Lamb 509 short Course


Coupling the Ohio State University short course "Producing and Marketing Quality Lamb Products" with the annual Leadership School program creates an exceptional educational opportunity for industry members. The program is focused on enabling producers to better understand the factors that influence the marketability and demand for sheep/sheep products, to learn how to improve those factors, and to thereby improve the marketability of American lamb and lamb products.

1. Improve understanding of live animal evaluation and grading

2. Identify factors that influence product quality and market price

3. Identify key elements that create a successful sheep operation and increase understanding of industry

practices that will result in improved product quality and greater consistency

4. Provide first hand experience in fabrication of lamb products

5. Increase the networking among industry members

The Leadership School will include 32 industry participants from across the country for an intensive 3-day program, incorporating the Lamb 509 program and first-hand production tours. These tours enable individuals to examine successful operations and new developments and to discuss with the owners/operators the reasons for the successes and pitfalls encountered of the past, and to answer pertinent questions with first-hand industry experience. This program also encourages the exchange and sharing of information obtained with other producers around the country. This continued sharing and networking is to the benefit of the industry and innovations are shared, discussed and employed throughout the country. This every-widening circle of impact is what the Leadership School seeks to increase.