Sheep Venture Company
Working Dog Liability Program

Sheep producers, as well as other livestock producers, often use guardian dogs to protect the animals from predators

and other risks. Frequently the producers have no liability protection from events related to the guardian dogs. Most

Farm & Ranch insurance policies exclude working dogs or dogs which "may show aggressive tendencies" .

This grant request is to fund the development of a guard dog and herd dog liability policy, prepare the loss prevention

and marketing materials necessary to sell to the livestock industry, principally the sheep and goat industry.

The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) owns a property and casualty insurance company, Casualty

Underwriters Insurance Company, (CUIC) domiciled in Utah. CUIC would sell the Guardian and Herding Dog Liability

Policy to its members and members of the various state sheep associations.

Project Objectives

To develop a guard and herding dog liability insurance program specifically for working dogs, including policy language;

underwriting criteria, loss prevention material, claim defense program and the marketing materials specific to the

sheep and goat producers. Some basic or generic segments of a program may be available for purchase, if so the

objective would be to purchase and alter to make it industry specific.

Description of efforts - Anticipated results

Write a guard and herding dog liability insurance program, including policy language; actuarially sound premium

rating, underwriting criteria, loss prevention material, and claim defense program.

Results will be a complete program ready to be approved by the Utah Department of Insurance and sold to ASI


March 8, 2016 Status report-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Progress report on the Working Dog Liability Insurance program grant

The Casualty Underwriters Insurance Company(CUIC)/Bear Lake Insurance Company (BLIC) Working Dog Liability insurance (WDLI) program is progressing on schedule.

Timeline of Progress:


- wrote and finalized the underwriting criteria

- prepared the applications for both the guardian dogs and the herding dogs

- finalized the premium pricing model and received actuary approval 

- finalized the policy language and had it approved by legal counsel

- submitted the above to the Utah Department of Insurance and received approval.


- wrote the claim, and claims processing, procedures

- wrote the Loss Prevention Manuals, (LPM) one for guard dogs the other for herding dogs.  These were submitted for publication.  The LPM will be given to all WDLI policy holders.

- prepared a web site for the WDLI and it is linked to the Food & Fiber Risk Managers web site.

-  prepared the marketing materials including banners, posters and a tri-fold brochure for WDLI and had them submitted for printing.


-         prepared for the public launching of the program at the ASI convention in Scottsdale AZ. 

-        made several presentations both large and small at the convention.  The full presentation included a PowerPoint presentation to the Range Committee. 

-        conducted several interviews with various media. 

-    Following the conventions and ongoing now, we are preparing a media/advertising program to introduce the WDLI to the sheep and goat industries.

-    FFRM, as sales agent for Bear Lake Insurance Company (BLIC), has begun taking and processing applications.  We are now selling WDLI to the sheep and goat industries!

-    BLIC is a wholly owned captive insurance company of CUIC, formed to sell WDLI to the sheep and goat producers in all states.   Creating BLIC was not part of the grant request, but its formation became necessary to achieve our sales authority in all states.

-     cost/expense projections are very close to actual.  We expect to finalize the grant requirements and expenditures in March and will submit the final expenses soon after.

Thank you for your support of this sheep and goat industry project.

David Bossman                       Burdell Johnson                      Tim Turner

CUIC/BLIC                              FFRM                                      SVC