Ellensburg Lamb Company-Superior Farms
Providing producer’s information from electronic grading through a web based application

Problem or Opportunity

The American Lamb Board (ALB) and Industry Roadmap committee have recognized the importance of electronic grading and assisting the three major lamb harvest facilities in partially financing the equipment, two of which include Superior Farms Dixon and Denver. These grading machines will provide extensive information about each lamb carcass processed. In order for this information to be utilized through all levels of lamb production and have an impact at the ranch-gate, it is imperative to have the ability to transmit information back to the owners of the lambs.

With the amount of information that will be collected, it is crucial to find a simple, but effective way, to share the data with producers and ultimately available to the feeders, original owners of the lambs, and the seedstock producer. There is an opportunity to create a web-based platform that producers can log into to retrieve their password protected information. This program will allow producers to access real time data that will show basic lot reports, individual lamb data, pictures of the carcasses, and compare data from lot to lot and year over year.

Project Objectives

Superior Farms will create a web-based platform that includes the detailed information from the Electronic Grading machine from both the Dixon and Denver facilities. Real time data will be collected on every lot and animal that is processed at each facility. This project will identify a way to collect and transmit the information to key producers and suppliers. The level of information given from electronic grading is dependent upon on the type of producer/supplier and how it can be effectively utilized. By identifying key producers/suppliers and sharing varying levels of information, we can focus on those who are more likely to make changes to their genetics and production practices.

Description of efforts – Anticipated results

Superior Farms processes 1/3 of the Federally Inspected Slaughter (FIS), and has the biggest opportunity to relay this message back to producers to ultimately improve meat and carcass quality. The creation of a sign-in web based platform where producers/suppliers can view their information in a timely manner, pertinent to the lambs they had processed, will ultimately assist producers. By having this information available to our producer/supplier partners, they can then make genetic and production changes that ultimately improve the quality of their lambs and carcasses.

The first step will be to identify all pieces of information that can be collected and reported to the producers that would enhance their knowledge and utilize the information at the ranch-gate. Following this, we will designate which producers and suppliers will receive the information and create a feedback mechanism so they can view the data on their lamb lots. During this time, we will also create educational materials that will allow producers to fully understand what the data means and how they can implement changes at the farm and ranch level. The last step will be launching the web program to our producer partners that qualify to receive the information.