North Dakota State University

Sheep Carcass Ultra sound Training
 Certification Schools

In 2014, the National Sheep Improvement Program Board of Directors approved Carcass Ultrasound Certification Standards that require all carcass ultrasound data submitted to be collected by a certified scanner starting January 1, 2016. The certification process is outlined in a white paper published by NSIP, and includes 2 options for obtaining certification: 1) attend an approved Ultrasound School where the certification process is provided at the end of the school; 2) scan 20 lambs twice, with 2 reference scanners (approved by the NSIP Carcass Ultrasound Committee) submitting similar data, Since 2014, one ultra sound school has been conducted, and one Is planned for the fall of 2016. Including technicians that were grand-fathered certification from schools prior to 2014, there are currently 36 certified scanners In the U,S., with most of them having expiring certifications coming up in 2016. The largest constraint to conducting ultrasound schools is keeping the cost reduced to the point where participation is maximized,

Due to the high cost of conducting schools (travel for reference technicians or carcass data collection, advertising, facility rental, etc. ). and the high cost of travel (often $1500 per attendee, not including the cost of the school), financial assistance is needed to conduct schools in diverse geographical regions, Our goal is to certify 50 scanners across the US. in the next 2 years through 5 Sheep Ultrasound Certification Schools. To achieve this goal, we propose to offset the cost of the schools and subsequently the registration fees to the participants by paying $4,000 of the expenses for each of 5 schools in diverse geographical regions. Additionally, we propose to create additional training curriculum to standardize the schools as well as publishing a bi-annual newsletter.

Project Objectives

1) Pay $4,000 of the expenses for each of 5 schools selected across 5 geographic regions in the U.S. to decrease the cost and registration fees for Sheep Carcass Ultrasound Certi fi cation Schools.

2) Generate additional carCaSS ultrasound digital curriculum to standardize the teaching material at Sheep Carcass Ultrasound Schools. Additionally, publish a bi-annual digital newsletter to certified sheep ultrasound technicians and NSIP producers.