Bartlett Yarns - Harmony Maine

 To build and run a complete processing center in Central Maine which would encompass from beginning to end a complete wool processing system in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. To the best of our knowledge, this does not exist in Maine or even New England.

 A scouring plant located about 1 1/2  hours from our current mill has indicated a desire to sell its equipment, as it does not fit with his current business model, and he feels it is being underutilized due to his other commitments. He lacks the time to bring the machinery into full production.

 This is a 4 bowl Sargents small scale wool washing plant with all required associated related equipment including fiber scale, fiber picker, wool drying racks, compressor, 3 phase converter, propane boiler, heat exchanger, hot water storage tanks, final water heaters, packing bags, detergents and all associated electrical, plumbing, spare parts and supplies, lanolin settling tanks & pumps, centrifuges, drying racks, and assortment of scouring supplies.

 This train was built by Sargents in the 1950's as a demonstration and teaching machine for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

 It requires 2 gallons of water for every pound of fleece washed.

 Bartlett yarns is in the process of acquiring a 21,000 s.f. industrial facility less than a X mile from our current mill site. We are scheduled to close by September 30th of this year. We are paying cash.

 This facility has the necessary daily water supply, which is private.

 This facility has the necessary waste disposal system to handle 1500 gallons per day.

In addition to this septic system, Bartlett yarns would be installing a series of holding tanks to allow the solids to settle, so that only the gray water effluent would reach the actual septic system. These holding tanks would be pumped of the solids and either be trucked off site for further disposal or used in natural composting.

 Bartlett yarns is also interested in setting up a water recycling system and pumping used water in bowls 3 and 4 back into bowls 1 and 2 creating a recycling pattern to further reduce water consumption and effluent.

 The facility has the physical room for washing and a separate area for adequate drying before being moved onto further processing stages.

 Water would be heated via propane to begin with. Future goals include solar heating with the propane source as a backup. We have not included this feature in this proposal.

 Bartlett yarns already owns a water extractor which is capable of extracting the accumulated water in the fleece without felting the fibers. Capacity is approximately 300 pounds of washed wool per day. We believe it will significantly reduce drying time by as much as 50% if not more. This extracted water will be collected and reinserted into the scouring line.

 Drying of the fleece would be accomplished thru a series of racks and commercial fans.

 This acquisition would create an additional 1 full time job immediately and additional employment over the course of 18-24 months in an area which has an unemployment rate between 12-15%.

 The acquisition of the equipment would give Bartlett yarns the opportunity to value add to its product line in terms of breed specific roving's and yarns as well as the ability to scour some of its own raw materials and not rely solely on th ird party services.

 The acquisition would allow another component of our business to allow for processing and complete return of the customer's own fleece in a variety of products such as roving, yarn or blankets.

 The acquisition would have the ability to advertise scouring services to other processors who do not have this capability.