Mountain Meadow Wool -  Wool Education and Traveling Display

With a sheep industry that has been rapidly decreasing in size over recent decades there is a need for greater public awareness and education of the beauty of our US ranch-to-consumer supply chain. There exists an opportunity for new educational tools that bring together stunning video and photography that can be shown to target audiences via cooperative extension programs, classroom settings, 4-H clubs, venues at state and national events within the industry, as well as direct-to-consumer initiatives. Recent advancements in aerial photography have made possible the telling of the American wool story in a unique and vibrant way. Mountain Meadow Wool has spent the past year with its marketing team chronicling the journey of fiber from fleece-to-fabric. Thousands of photos and hours of high caliber video production including aerial video of one of the last large scale sheep drives in the country were obtained through this effort and which will form the foundation for this grant research to build upon.

Objective 1: Increase public awareness among a variety of demographics regarding the vital connection between the clothes we wear and the ranchers, rangeland, and processing mills that are essential to a 100% domestic supply chain.

Objective 2: Produce new and engaging educational materials covering fiber from lambing through processing and into the hands of the consumer.