Dairy Sheep Association of North America

The dairy sheep industry is at a turning point. The industry has been deeply dependent on the University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty and the Spooner Research Station for nearly 25 years. Targeted UW support for the industry ended in 2016 leaving a significant gap to fill. DSANA is in a position to fill many parts of the gap left open. However, it will take serious commitment of resources and talent for the Association to meet the challenges and demands needed to grow the industry.

Goal 1: Develop key tools for producers and industry stakeholders (consumers, retailers, cheesemakers): 1a-a system for genetic improvement that will result in improvements in milk production; 1b-develop and distribute tools for marketing sheep milk products; 1c-tools to track profitability and the fair market value of sheep milk. Goal 2: Create a functional and sustainable organizational structure for industry leadership: 2a-create a centralized office with paid project management; 2b-develop reliable funding sources for centralized office; 2c-develop Board and Committee structure to ensure active involvement of Association membership; 2d-develop transition plan to avoid vulnerability from key members leaving the Association or the Board.

BY END OF GRANT PERIOD, DSANA will have the infrastructure and resources in place to meet membership and industry demands for growth: resources to hire and sustain professional staff; sustainable funds-development plan being implemented; streamlined protocols for genetic improvement being implemented Ė EBVís being determined and utilized by members; streamlined sheep milk product marketing materials and message to consumers and stakeholders being distributed; cost-of-production analysis being utilized by producers and processors.