Does the Sheep Center offer Grants for Goat projects?
Originally the authorization and reauthorization of the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center (Sheep Center) called for grants to be offered to both the sheep and goat industries. That requirement is still in effect today.  However, the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills did not authorize any funding specifically for the Sheep Center. Therefore there is no money to provide grants via that avenue.  However, the Sheep Center is authorized to remain open and ready as long as there are funds in the bank account. Should there be authorized money specifically for the Sheep Center then we will once again offer Grants to the goat as well as the sheep industry.
At present the Center has been awarded a Grant from the Secretary of Agriculture to benefit the US Sheep Industry. That Grant is the source of the funding for the Center to pass along only to the Sheep Industry in the form of competitive grants.  Therefore no
funding is available for goat programs at this time.

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 What are the Grant  due dates, deadlines and Grant amount limits?
        The deadline for submission is set yearly by the NSIIC Board.  This year the call for proposals and the deadline for submission is  set. July 1, 2020 through September 15, 2020. The announcement is published on this site (look in Application Information) as well as various industry media. When published you need to read carefully that  announcement.  
There is no dollar amount limit however, the average grant amount over the last four years has been approx  $29,000.
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 Does the NSIIC have a required format for submission?
        The application is available for download at . you may download either a fillable pdf or a fillable word document.  We request that you use that form and tailor your responses to the space provided.  You should save that document to your computer and submit via email to in either format.
Who is eligible to apply?
        An eligible entity means any entity that promotes the betterment of the U.S. sheep industries including LLC's, partnerships, corporations, cooperative organizations, associations, a federally recognized Indian Tribes and public or quasi-public agencies. The entity may be operated as a for-profit or a not-for-profit entity.  Applicant must have credentials demonstrating expertise in project content.  Applications submitted by an individual are not allowed. 
 What is the duration of projects?
        All projects will have approximately eighteen months to be completed. However, if there are circumstances that warrant a longer time period, you may request a no cost extension. 

 How can I determine if my planned project is acceptable?
        Please refer to the Strategic Plan ( as well as the Funding Priorities for eligible projects and types of projects the Board is looking to fund.  All projects will be reviewed by the Committee. 

 Do I need a Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number.
        The NSIIC does not require that a CFDA number be assigned to these projects. 
 Are matching funds necessary?
        Matching funds are not required.  However, applicants that verify the availability of matching funds are given priority when the grants are being scored by the Board.
How often does the NSIIC have a call for proposals?
        Historically the NSIIC has had one round of grants per year.  At the present time there is no indication that the process will be altered.  Please check the web site periodically throughout the spring and summer for the announcement.
Does NSIIC favor institutions over private enterprise?
        NSIIC has no preference in making an award to any type of entity.
What are my chances of getting funded?
        There is variation from year to year, but the blended average rate of success for applicants is 28.57%.
 With reference to the 7.5% total award overhead limit (direct/indirect funds) can unrecovered funds be designated as in-kind match?
        Unrecovered indirect costs are not an allowable source of matching funds.
 Are the NSIIC grants designed for non-profits only?
        All entities are eligible whether for-profit or not for profit.  The determining factor will be the content of the project and how it helps the  industry as well as how well it fits into the guides outlined in the Strategic Plan and the Priorities List. 
 Will you accept applications after the  deadline?
        Applications received in the NSIIC Office after the deadline will not be opened but will be returned to the applicant without review or comment.