Investigating the main mastitis causing pathogens plaguing Western sheep flocks


Project Report Annual Report Type: AMS Report Reporting Period Start Date: 10/1/2020 End Date: 10/1/2021

Performance Narrative: To date, we have accomplished all sample collection on this project and are approximately 50% complete with sample laboratory and statistical analysis. Graduate student, Ryan Knuth, has completed quantifying the prevalence of subclinical mastitis in this research program set of ewes. He has also completed antimicrobial susceptibility testing of milk-derived bacterial isolates and quantified the cure rate of the weaning treatments in the study design. Microbial DNA isolation is nearly complete on all samples and we are preparing those samples for metagenomic sequencing. These samples will provide a robust picture of the common pathogens causing mastitis in Western sheep flocks as well as address impacts on the milk microbiome, antimicrobial susceptibility, and insight into potential managements strategies to mitigate mastitis.

Activities Performed


Estimate the Total Percentage (%) of work Completed on the Project………. 60% # Accomplishment/Activity Relevance to Objective
1 Continuation of laboratory work: microbial DNA extraction completed on bedding samples, DNA of milk and bedding samples prepared for library pooling and sequencing.

Samples are being prepared for sequencing and microbial species identification.