Bollman Industries


There is only one commercial, commission wool scouring plant in me US, -Bollman Industries- and the plant faces

hardships and thin profit margins, This is due to having to compete on a global scale, aging equipment, shutdowns and

decreased US wool production, The loss of Bollman Industries would have a domino effect on the US wool industry. If

Bollman Industries were to close, US textile companies would have to source their scoured wool needs from overseas,

using foreign wool, not American wool. Bollman Industries scours the best 12 month wools all the way down to lambs,

bellies and pieces. Without a scouring plant in the US, companies like Pendleton, Faribault blankets, Green Mountain

Spinnery, and Filson, just to name a few, would no longer use American wool. Machinery breakdowns cause major

expense, the plant has to be shut down for repairs and delays deliveries to all our textile companies, Bollman Industries

is asking to replace the 28 year old feeders which are currently the leading cause of shut downs and are a large annual



The objective ot this project is to keep a key market for Amencan wool and American wool growers in the US, The  infrastructure of the US wool industry is fragile, and having a scouring company in the US is imperative to serve US wool spinners, weavers and felters with American wool. The objective is to strengthen the US wool Industry. Without the scouring plant this entire sector of the US wool industry will go overseas, eliminating a key market for growers, To this point this project will purchase new feeders to increase efficiency and decrease the leading cause of down time, In turn, it would also decrease the need to pass on increased expenses to producers and Boliman Industries customers, This would result in reduced cost throughout the supply chain.

The new feeders will be able to feed wool more consistently into the scouring line, which allows for better scouring, With less break downs the entire system runs more efficiently, creating better scoured wool at a lower cost.