Pelletizing Wool

Currently there is no good market for course wools, and bellies and tags off fine wool sheep.Western Oregon, California and Washington have thousands of pounds of wool stored wtith virtually no market for sales. We think we have an opportunity to turn that product into wool pellets to sell to customers as organic soil enhancement and water retention material. Pelleting is a very user friendly form of packaging and usage. Also, wool is used around plants for slug control.


We need the correct machine to chop and grind wool into a material that flows easily, to work through the pelletizer. We are working with an engineering company that builds the equipment we need. By putting the wool into pellet form, we are creating a new market for our lower quality wools. Using wool as an organic renewable resource for gardens. Wool has a nutritional value of 9-0-2, 9 nitrogen, 0 phospherous and 2 potash. This adds nutrition to the soil, where as other organic materials need nitrogen to break them down. Also, wool retains more water, causing a 30% less use of water.