Commercialization of Research Lab


Sheep Venture Company (A wholly owned subsidiary of the American Sheep Industry Association

Performance Narrative:

Activities Performed

               Accomplishments with Relevance to Objective

 1.    Sheep Venture Company (SVC) set an agreement with a manufacturer of the equipment to meet international testing standards.

                            Commercial testing equipment is required for the research lab to perform the objective measurement tests to facilitate domestic and international wool trade.

    SVC negotiated a usage agreement with Texas A&M Agri-life to ensure the proper setup, operation and maintenance of the equipment.  Rates were negotiated that are appropriate for the wool industry.
                               SVC due diligence required to ensure proper use of the equipment.

3.         A manager has been hired and started at the laboratory in April of 2021.   The manager has overseen the equipment shipping and install. Manager calibrate the equipment and train the technicians to properly operate the equipment.
The manager has completed 3 days of virtual training with the NZ Wool Testing Authority. Soap trials were completed in November and a formula has been selected.  300 samples of wool are being run through the equipment (as provided from NZWTA of US wools in order to calibrate tests)

                                Manager will have equipment ready to perform and train technicians to provide commercial tests to the US wool industry beginning in January 2022.


                    Challenge or Developments  with  Corrective Action or Project Change

1.         Covid pandemic slowed manufacturing and transport to the United States by several months.  With August arrival the commercial test start has been moved to January 2022.

                                       Moved the international transport to the Houston Tx port.   SVC took responsibility for ground transport from the port to the lab in Texas.

2.         Commercial testing equipment manufacturing was shifted from the NZWTA to Australian Wool Testing Authority due to the pandemic.  That shift doubled the manufacturing expense.

                          SVC and industry increased their share of the start up expense.


                Outcome and Indicator Results to Date

             Commercialization of wool testing in the United States is 95% complete.

                            Training complete on use of equipment and scouring has been accomplished.  Calibration of tests using the same samples tested in NZ and at the US lab will be final step

Upcoming Activities          Anticipated Completion

   Complete the calibration of wool samples.

                              January 2022

           Perform commercial wool tests on the new wool clip and provide results to US customers.

                              January 2022