Additional Information for Applicants:

Applicants will be notified via e-mail that their application has been received within a day or two of receipt: After Review, all applicants will be sent a notice to the e-mail of the person listed as the contact person on the application. That notice will be one of three possible responses: 1)Your application did not score high enough for funding consideration 2) Your application scored high enough for funding as submitted 3) Your application scored high enough for funding but with modifications needed in the budget. You will be given the opportunity to make those modifications for funding or you may reject the modifications in which case the grant funding offer will be withdrawn. Instruction will be included in the notice.

Please note:   The Review Committee will not provide feedback to applicants however in some cases the Board may elect to encourage re submission with certain specific changes (i.e. those the Board feels were good causes but poor application preparation or those with a good idea but not sustainable as presented). In some instances the Board may want to provide a written statement, with the understanding that no further discussion is available.

Proposals submitted more than twice will not be evaluated.

The NSIIC Board request that applicants refrain from communicating with Board Members specifically about the project (i.e. lobbying your project).

Under no circumstances will applications be considered that arrive past the deadline for submission.


Further Questions?  Contact Steve Lee, NSIIC Program Manager at: