Marsha Spykerman    -  Iowa, served as the Region IV representative on the American Sheep Industry Associationís Executive Board from 2011 through 2014. During this time, she held leadership roles on the Education and Research Council and the American Lamb Council.  

Spykerman and husband, Vernon, began raising sheep when they moved back to the family farm in 1980 and today have a commercial Midwest operation, running about 450 ewes in an intensive lambing setting. The couple shed lambs their ewes and moves the later lambing group out to farm ground that has been converted to pasture when the lambs are about one-week old. The Spykermans lamb approximately 100 ewes in late February and early March to produce replacement ewes for their flock. The remaining ewes lamb later in the season, producing commercial lambs that are finished on the farm and marketed by the couple.